Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things I don't get that everyone else understands perfectly (or pretends to understand just like me)

1. Cardinal directions
2. Anti-Semitism
3. Hockey
4. The metric system


  1. Hockey!?! All that needs to happen here is for you to sit down with Teilo and/or myself for about 34 seconds and that shall be remedied forever :)

    @The metric system: Absolutely. It's weird how we use it, but we don't use it. As in, my European friends use metric for real, with their height, weight, etc., whereas I don't know how many cms tall I am or how many kgs I weigh. Do you think this is a hybrid thing that is already starting to pass with younger generations, raised more exclusively on metric?

  2. Definitely going to have to explain hockey to you sometime. Also, the metric system is way easier than empirial. I'm not quite used to thinking about my height that way, but absolutely everything seems to make more sense when done in metric. Standardization is a useful thing.

  3. I totally don't understand ANY of these things. Especially cardinal directions. Geez.