Thursday, May 26, 2011

Find your meet cute: romantic public spaces that are buzzing with possibility

1. Park benches
2. City bridges, esp. in the middle
3. Cozy bookstores
4. Quiet libraries
5. Bustling coffee shops
6. Elevators, trains, planes
7. Street corners, stoplights, crosswalks
8. Bakeries, fromageries, grocery lines
9. Museums & galleries
10. Popular dog parks
11. Anywhere with your dog, really
12. Intimate concerts or small shows
13. Markets: farmer's, flea, antique
14. The shores of any lake, river, or ocean
15. And - of course! - the internet

Honorable mentions: festivals, weddings, patios, bike racks, boardwalks, rooftops, and standing with awe in front of beautiful old buildings

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