Sunday, November 10, 2013

Odd or unnecessary things to take pride in that, well, I take a good deal of pride in anyway

Because reasons.

1. Meticulous bangs, my one true love
2. Making delicious, delicious soups
3. Resurrecting this blog when you least expect it
4. Being able to sleuth out just about anything I need to (thanks, internet!)
5. Being able to recite the preamble to the US constitution (thanks, jr. high!)
6. Finding zero appeal in "bad boys" (nope nope nope)
7. Not liking "nice guys™", either, for that matter
8. Predicting plot twists on my favorite shows like some kind of TV oracle
9. Maintaining a noble, fine-tuned knack for coolhunting
10. Giving pretty damn good hugs and kisses—references available, new testimonials always welcome

Not odd or unnecessary, but a well-deserved bit of pride to mention all the same: I lead a life filled with remarkable friendships, interesting people, lots of creativity, and plenty of love. And that's the best. Thank you all for being a part of my story so far... here at By the List, and beyond.

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